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Client/Agency Portal

The Nexus Client/Agency portal is a dedicated view that will give your Clients access to a wealth of useful data such as:

  • View worker onboarding progress
  • View all worker data (Address, Payroll, Expenses etc)
  • View and Download historic Timesheets & Invoices/Credit Notes
  • And many other features

Automated Onboarding

The Nexus onboarding module is a bolt on service we offer which is fully automated. This allows workers to:

  • Verify RTW & ID Docs using our Digital ID Verification software
  • Digitally sign their employment contract
  • And many more

Import Mapping

Nexus has a unique Import Mapping function allowing you to map and store templates of your import files. This makes time consuming Excel formatting a thing of the past, an makes repeat processing of timesheets a cinch!

Pension Integration

Nexus includes direct integration with various pension providers, including NEST and Smart Pension which means the software takes care of Auto Enrolment and sending submissions

The Nexus App

The Nexus App is a game changer, simply a payroll app that works!

​The App gives the worker access to all their data in real-time and keeps them informed at each step of payroll via push notifications.

MI Reporting

Nexus has a smart, AI driven analytics dashboard which provides easy access to the most relevant payroll data and stats. With our Client portal, we allow your clients to download their own reports, which further reduces calls and admin.

HMRC Integration

Nexus will regularly check for HMRC coding notices and apply updates automatically, meaning no more manual updates via post.

Nexus will automatically create and submit FPS, EPS & CIS300 submissions each relevant period, meaning you stay fully RTI compliant with no fuss.

3 Step Payroll

With our streamlined payroll dashboard, we make processing payroll for 1 worker or 1000’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Nexus allows you to easily validate your payroll, send automated invoices to your Clients and process payroll via a bank file formatted for any UK Bank.

Future Proofed Payroll

We have embraced the benefits of a cloud based solution providing an always on payroll system with automatic updates and AI driven analytics. This allows your Clients and their workers to have instant access to data relevant to them.