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Pay Calculation

  • Company costs such as ERNI, Employer Pension & Apprentice Levy are taken off from contractor’s Timesheet Earning.
  • Umbrella margin deducted before tax
  • Expenses processed as tax-free reimbursement

Pay Processing

  • Timesheets sent by Agency and imported (or) by Contractor using Mobile App or Portal
  • Agencies billed automatically. Invoice consolidation and customisation supported.
  • Payroll run automatically
  • Bank files created in relevant format
  • Payslips emailed and App notification sent


  • Holiday Pay calculated paid out or retained
  • NMW & LMW rules applied and protected
  • Statuary Sick, Maternity, Paternity, Adoption payments calculated and paid out
  • Attachment orders processed and deducted
  • Student Loan deductions made
  • FPS/EPS automatically submitted
  • Pension contributions automatically submitted (dependent on provider)