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Minimum Wage

The minimum monthly wage in Libya is 450.00 LYD.

Working Hours

Standard Working Hours

The standard working hours are 48 hours per week and 10 hours per day. The standard work week is Sunday-Thursday.


Any working hours exceeding the standard 48-hour work week is considered as overtime. This is paid at an 150% of the employees salary rate. The maximum overtime working hours per day is 3 hours.


The payroll cycle in Libya is monthly, employees are paid at least once a month.


Paid time off

The annual leave in Libya is usually 30 working days of paid leave.

Sick Pay

Employees who are sick in one continuous period are eligible for 45 days of sickness, while those who are not sick in one continuous period are eligible for 60 days of sick leave per year. To qualify for sick leave, the employee must present a valid medical certificate.

Maternity Leave

Women employees are eligible to 14-week maternity leave, with 6 weeks allocated to be taken before the expected due date and the remaining 8 weeks following childbirth. In cases of multiple or complex births, the maternity leave period is extended to 16 weeks.

Paternity Leave

There is currently no provisions in Libya regarding paternity leave.


Termination of Employment

Employers have the option to end a fixed-term contract with the provided justifications, which may pertain to business needs, personal reasons, or employee misconduct. This process involves delivering notice and furnishing a written rationale for the contract’s conclusion. In cases involving misconduct, the employee must be issued a warning and granted an opportunity to provide their perspective on the matter.

Notice Period

The notice period in Libya is 30 days.

Probation Period

The probation period in Libya is usually 6 months.


A work visa in Libya is issued to international individuals seeking employment within the country, and engaging in work without a proper work visa is against the law. To secure a Libyan business visa, you must be in possession of an invitation letter from a Libyan-based company or secure sponsorship. The process for obtaining the work visa should be initiated by the company through the Libyan Work Department.

Additionally, the initial work visa is valid for a period of 3 months, with the possibility of renewal or extension while already in Libya.


There is currently no standard rate of VAT in Libya.

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